Writing an Essay on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the few all-inclusive holidays that exist in America. Most holidays have some religious, political, or ethnic concepts in their backgrounds. Thanksgiving Day on the other hand is free of such fetters. It is a day where everyone can appreciate the important blessings in their life. It stands for the appreciation of family togetherness and the spirit of sharing and caring. The beauty of Thanksgiving is the joy of laughing, eating, crying, and doing everything together as a family. The uniqueness of this holiday makes it a good topic for essay writing.

But where to begin? We will provide you with all the details upon writing an essay on this topic. All you need to do is read ahead!

Starting off

Make sure you know all the requirements of the essay when it is assigned to you. Any points about the structure and formatting must be known by you. Follow them to a T to ensure that your essay gets accepted. Even the best-written essay will be rejected by your instructor if it does not follow the standard rules.

A basic essay needs three sections: an introduction, body, and conclusion. For writing a successful essay you will always need to do some research. Read up on the history of Thanksgiving Day and how it has evolved through the years. This will help you to write a well-informed introduction about the holiday’s origins. Make sure that your sources are authentic and reliable.

Creating an outline

Make an outline to sort out all the ideas swimming around in your head after research. First, put everything down in a rough manner and then polish it up arranging in the outline. This will help you sieve out the elements that will work the best. You are free to experiment in an outline with how you are going to present the information. Once satisfied you can begin on the actual draft.

The Body and Conclusion

An essay about Thanksgiving will fall under the category of a descriptive essay. Derive the body paragraph from your own experience of the holiday or how you have seen it being celebrated. Explore the various practices individuals or organizations observe for celebrating the holiday. For instance, many people volunteer at food centers to make sure everyone is well-fed on the holiday. There are inspiring tales of caring and sharing related to Thanksgiving. It brings out a joyous recognition of blessings and the awareness to share our bounties.

Conclude the essay with a final sum-up of the ideas you put forth in the body. Ask your readers to consider the spirit of Thanksgiving Day. How it can be extended beyond a single day if we want to. This way our society can become more appreciative of the things we have. And also give a thought to ones who don’t.

These were all the tips to help you write an essay on Thanksgiving. For further help on this topic or any other, reach out to our essay writing service. We have experts in all subjects to help you write the best content.

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