How to Write an Informative Essay

We will start off, by relieving any of your fears regarding informative essays. An informative essay is much easier to write than any other types of essays that are commonly assigned to students. The purpose and structure of this essay is pretty simple. The only thing you need is proper guidance to ace this writing. We have put together a complete manual to help you write an incredible informative essay that is bound to impress your teacher.

What is an informative essay?

The objective of an informative essay is to enlighten the audience about a particular topic. The topic in question can be anything from a person to an object, event or phenomenon. It is the job of the writer to use the appropriate facts and data that explain the subject clearly. Present it in a way that is comprehensive to all kinds of audience.

Is an expository essay the same thing?

Sometimes, students get confused between an informative and expository essay. The two essay categories do share several similarities, yet there is a big difference which sets them apart. An expository essay presents a particular view of an argument. While an informative essay simply gives information about the topic it is based on.

Writing an informative essay

To start an informative essay, it is not enough to just be aware of its definition. Following are some tips that will provide you a clear understanding of the writing process:

  • If you are allowed to choose a topic, then make sure it is neither too vast or too narrow. A topic with a broad range will make it difficult to sum up your information flow. While the other won’t have enough data to write upon.
  • It is a good idea to look through some informative essay templates, before you begin. They will give you an idea about the formatting, layout and other technical elements.
  • The thesis statement is the core of your essay, so it deserves specific attention. Put in as much thought as possible to craft one which showcases your main point powerfully.
  • Study as many available sources as you can, to fully understand the topic from all angles. Of course, you cannot all the information you read in the actual essay. But it will broaden your horizon and help you write in a knowledgeable manner.
  • Once the first draft is done, proofread your paper carefully for any spelling and grammar errors. Also comb through the content with a critical eye to check if all your points are being conveyed across.

Informative essay outline

The elements involved in the structure of an informative essay are the same as any other writing. The classic outline consists of:

  1. An introduction
  2. A body consisting of three paragraphs
  3. The Conclusion


A good informative essay needs a killer beginning. No matter how impressive the rest of your essay is, audience will not be reeled in without the perfect introduction. A hook statement is the ideal way to begin an introductory paragraph. It can comprise of a statistics, quotes, and anecdotes that are relevant to the essay topic.

Once you have captured the reader’s attention, move on to explaining the reason for choosing the topic. Also add how knowing about it benefits the society. Conclude it with a thesis statement, which contains the main issue you are going to later enhance.

Body paragraphs

Although we have mentioned the essay’s body consists of three paragraphs, this might vary according to the topic.  Each of the paragraphs must refer to a different point, which is its governing idea. There should also be sub-points to further develop it.

Support each of the points with proper literary examples and evidence, for credibility and scientific outlook. Improve your vocabulary of transitional terms and phrases as it will come in handy when writing an informative essay. They give your writing a professional touch.


Concluding the essay is as important as having a perfect introduction. It is the part which stays longest with the readers. Hence every word should count. Remember that the conclusion is not the place to introduce information not given previously. All you need to do is summarize the stated facts. Then finish off with a powerful statement that persuades the reader to think more about the topic.

Topics for Informative essay

It is rather challenging to come up with informative essay topics that are suitable for your current academic level and reader’s interest. If you aren’t assigned a topic by your teacher, we have a list that can help you out.

  1. A celebrity who is your idol.
  2. Describe your favorite historical event.
  3. Ways for schools to stop bullying.
  4. Role of anime in modern pop culture.
  5. Future of nuclear power.
  6. What changed in Olympic Games through the years
  7. Insight on a poverty-stricken childhood
  8. World’s biggest music festival
  9. The importance of college education in career choice
  10. The current debate on gun control

These were all the tips and strategies we have for you to write an effective informative essay. It is best to research and study a lot before you embark on this task. As the name suggests, an informative essay cannot be crafted without ample knowledge. Read through some examples and samples of informative essays so you know everything about formatting. Just keep in mind these techniques and your essays are sure to be a success.

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