11 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Reflective Essay

We all have written a lot of essays in our academic life, and at that time, we did not had a single idea about their types. Let me focus on a single type of essay which is the most common, most used and most known type, the Reflective Essay.

Reflective essays may look like the easiest one, but they are the most difficult one to tackle when it comes to writing. It is an essay which is like a diary, with your experience, and your struggle reflective essays require good logic, excellent structure and a vast vision in various disciplines rather than just being focused on literature.

Maybe you are looking for amazing Reflective Essay Tips, so you can show up with an impressive reflection paper, because you can feel a little doubt and maybe you are not sure to call it a correct and proper reflective essay.

The most important thing you must not forget is that- a reflective essay is always your personal opinion. Now it may base on your experience and you can let them know your story as well. A reflective essay is always based on your point of view, and you are telling the story from your perspectives.

To write an excellent reflective essay, you must be honest and loyal with your thoughts and mind as well. This honesty in your words will help you to communicate in a better way with your readers and have a good engagement with them. Here are the 11 major mistakes which you must avoid while writing a reflective essay.

Identification of the theme:

The identification of the theme in a reflective essay is one of the most important thing which should not be neglected. Such essays must ensure to announce their theme after a short introduction so that the reader must have the idea what he is going to read. Make sure to choose the topic in which you have enough command, so you can open up about your experience and opinions in a better way.

Lengthy essay:

An ideal length of reflective essay is considered to be 300 to 700 words. Try to make your story short but bright. Avoid making a common mistake of dragging paragraphs more than the required length. Stretching your essay will make it look dull to the audience.

No conclusion:

Never forget the concluding paragraph, because it behaves like a good bye for the reader. Whenever you write an essay, make sure to give a conclusion so the reader may get a short overview of your essay in the end. It helps to wrap your essay in a short package.

Out of connections:

The connection between the sentences also plays a vital role in the reflective essay, linking the sentences provides the continuity and a flow to the reader. Begin with a catchy introduction, followed by connecting information. It will help the reader to build engagement with your essay and he can easily be hooked up to your essay. So do not move out of the connections

Being judgemental:

Your reflective essay can get to the point where you are making a lot of judgements, this will make the reader loose the interest and you won’t be able to inspire them. Spreading judgemental comments can also affect your self-esteem as well as the expectations of the reader.

Not being concise:

Be short with your essays and stay concise. The short sentences and paragraphs help in communicating with the reader efficiently. Do not ever go lengthy with your sentences and paragraphs while writing a reflective essay.

Weak introduction:

Providing a hooking introduction in a reflective essay makes it a must to read whereas weak introduction makes a void in the essay and it doesn’t feels engaging to the audience.

Lack of supportive arguments:

Whenever you are writing an essay, make sure that your statement is sealed with supportive enough arguments. It requires a deep research and time but make sure that you do not lack in providing supportive statements.

Writing every experience:

Do not pile up your essay with every single experience of your life. Go with the theme only, and share major experience which makes it memorable enough for the audience.

Clear-cut paragraphs:

Give enough description in your reflective essay, make the paragraphs short but let them be clear enough that the audience must get the idea of what you want to share.

The aforementioned 11 mistakes are the most common while writing a reflective essay, make sure that your essay is mistakes-free. Have a great brainstorming and then proceed to write the reflective essay. Keep working on your vocabs and implement great tricks to produce an impressive reflective paper.

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