Amazing Tips to write a winning personal statement

Personal statements are an important part of applying to the university. It is a chance for the applicant to show the board why they are unique. However, you have a limited number of characters, usually 4,000, to convince you are the best choice for admission. This is your only opportunity to make yourself look good. Therefore, we have some outstanding tips to make your personal statement amazing.

  1. Create a draft

    First of all, when writing a first draft do not focus on staying within the character count. Keep writing till you have written everything you need to say. Once you are done then you can compress the text till it fits in the word count. This way you will not end up with half-baked ideas and hurried additions. There can be a number of drafts till you reach the final one you are satisfied with.

  2. Take the time you need

    Do not press yourself to write hastily when you are not having any inspirations. Rushing into things is just going to ruin the statement. An amazing statement will not be ready in an hour. Or even a few days. It might even take you an entire month to settle on a version that is perfect. Take a break if you are at a loss about what to write. Then come back with a fresh perspective.

  3. Find the perfect expressions and words

    It sounds more elegant and professional if you use “accomplish” in place of “do” or “presume” instead of “think’. A good vocabulary is important to show the university your proficiency in language. A fluent scholar is certainly a worthy one. But keep it under rein and do not end up using extremely fancy terms. This will make your statement seem overdone and too complex to read.

  4. Focus on your key strengths

    A personal statement is how you sell yourself to a university you are applying to. You need to write about your knowledge, future plans and experiences. Highlight your strengths and ambitions. They are going to make you stand out in the eyes of the board. It is also important to stay modest though. Describe what you aim to achieve and your passions. But do not exaggerate things. Be as honest and sincere as possible.

  5. Find a remarkable opening statement

    Opening lines are important in most forms of writing. Especially if you are telling people about yourself and persuading them to read on. Beginning with a witty, surprising or unusual line will start you off with a good impression. But let it come to you naturally. Something forced or written with stress can be sensed by the reader. The inspiration for a perfect sentence can hit you at any moment. So instead of overthinking this element, be patient and wait for the spark.

  6. Make it original

    We recommend that you refrain from reading any sample personal statement before you start to write. Keep your ideas unique and voice them accordingly. Do not let your concepts and ideas get overshadowed by someone else’s. A personal statement is a reflection of who you are. That is what the university expects to see when they ask students to send this document when applying. So, make it come straight out of your personality instead of relying on some other rules.

  7. Proofread

    Once you have completed the document, have someone proofread it for you. It can be anyone from your teachers, to your parents, friends or enemies. The more feedbacks you get the better you will be able to make the final version. However, all advice is not constructive. Do not get disappointed with a criticism and re-write it from scratch.

  8. Read aloud

    Personal statements can be checked more effectively if you read it out loud. You can check whether things are in sequence or not. Or if anything sounds to vague. Reading aloud also helps you identify if there as any link missing in between the text.

  9. Do not overthink

    You have completed the final version of your personal statement and have submitted it. Now what? Stop thinking about it! Do not continue to go back to it. This is going to create unnecessary stress. Be patient and stay positive. And you are sure to get in the university you are wishing for. For further personal statement help, you can contact our services to write a remarkable document for you. Our expert writers will make sure to let your abilities and personality shine through.

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