How to write a compare and contrast essay?

A compare and contrast essay evaluate any differences and similarities between two subjects. Both of them will belong to the same class but will have certain differences. For instance, you might be asked to compare two work of literary fiction from the same historical era. This might make some students uneasy as writing an essay on a single subject is hard enough. So where should one begin when writing about two different things. Our guide will help you overcome this difficulty and improve your writing skills. Enabling you to submit essays that are sure to impress your teacher.

  1. Choose a subject

    Keep in mind that your chosen subjects must have differences even if they are from the same category. This is the first element that helps in writing a noteworthy compare and contrast essay. For instance, if given the task to compare two historical figures, it is better to pick two famous artists or writers. Instead of choosing one writer and one artist. Examples are as follows:

    • Catholicism and Orthodox
    • Mozart and Salieri
    • Totalities and Democracy
    • Voluntarism and Fatalist
  2. Brainstorm

    Begin by brainstorming to pinpoint the similarities and differences of both subjects. Make two lists each for both categories. If you prefer things to be more visual, create a Venn diagram to help you along. The diagrams or lists will help you organize your thoughts and make the process easier.

  3. Refine your central argument

    A winning compare and contrast essay, however, is more than just listing differences and similarities. What you need to produce is the meaningful statement on a broader level. Study the lists and figure out which point looks significant to you. What do these points refer about the topic as a whole. This will be considered your main argument.

  4. Create a structure and outline

    There are several ways to structure a compare and contrast essay. You can write about one of the subjects and then switch to the next. Or it can be written point by point. Or talk about the differences first and then the similarities. Choose whichever structure makes the most sense in accordance with your argument.

    Craft an outline which fits with your chosen structure. Traditionally an essay has an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusive paragraph. For this form of essay, you might need to incorporate four paragraphs. This will allow you to give balanced attention to both subjects.

  5. Revise and proofread carefully

    Once the essay has been written and finalized, go through it several times. Check every small thing from punctuation, grammar, and spelling. Make use of grammar and spelling check tools in your word processing software. Get a family member or friend to proofread if possible. From their perspective it is possible they might see mistakes that are missed by you.

    These were all the tips we had for you to write a brilliant compare and contrast essay. If you need professional help, reach out to buy college essay online for the best content. We have experienced writers in all subjects who provide you quality academic material guaranteed to achieve top marks.

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