How to write a persuasive essay?

Essay writing is part of every student’s life. At some point they have to write essay for their class work or homework. However, even though a lot of essays are supposed to be written by the students, they still find it hard to format it properly and also to compile the data in an appealing manner. Have you been just assigned with a task and now struggling to finish it? Don’t worry, there is always help available!

There are different types of essay which students are supposed to write such as argumentative, research, reflective, descriptive, narrative, and persuasive essay. All of these have different specifications and requirements in terms of writing style and formatting. If your tort just assigned you an essay and you are panicking; don’t do that! In fact, let us help you to complete it! First thing to do is to check the type of essay required. If it is a persuasive essay, you don’t need to worry as in the following text we have compiled all the necessary information to write a persuasive essay effectively.

Persuasive essay: What is it?

Academic writing is a vast arena and persuasive essay is a small part of it. In this particular essay the writer is supposed to use facts and figures for a specific situation to convince the readers in its favor. The main purpose of this essay is to convince or encourage the readers to agree with a specific point, or act in a particular way. The important or critical point of this essay is the presence and inclusion of genuine facts and legit figures to support the logic as evidence. Without authentic logic, the reader would not have any reason to agree with you let alone change his entire perception.

How to write it?

Once you are clear with what exactly persuasive essay is, then you need to focus on the guidelines of writing it. Writing a persuasive essay is not that hard or impossible like thee students take it as. It is quite convenient to write if the right procedure is followed. You just need to know your argument clearly and also the appropriate and most effective words to support and defend it. Persuasive essay is all about the art of playing with the right words. Words are used as the weapon to get to the mind of the readers. Following are the four basic steps to follow before writing persuasive essay.

Choose your side of the argument

Every argument has two sides and the purpose of persuasive essay is to support one of those sides. First and foremost, you need to select your side. If you don’t know the side you are going o support, you would never be able to come up with effective and convincing points and words to get to the mind of your readers.

Know your audience

An essay writer must know and understand his audience before starting to write it helps in using the appropriate vocabulary and arguments to affect the thinking and change it to make them agree with you. If you don’t understand your audience, you will never be able to write content which is convincing enough since you would not know what exactly would change their opinions and what are their weak points.

Thorough research

The third step must be to collect as much data and information as possible. Conduct a thorough research on the topic and collect the data with you. Make sure to create backups in order to not lose it. Use all the research method that could be helpful in gathering information. Leave no page unturned because authentic and valuable facts and figures improve the quality of a persuasive essay like nothing else.

Make the outline of essay structure

Before getting to the writing part, you must make the structure outline so that you can easily write in a flow at the time. Without the structure aligned, you can get stuck at quite a few points therefore, make the outline beforehand.

Data compilation

Once you have done all the preparations, you are all set to write the persuasive essay and create an impact on the readers. Now is the process of writing which is equally as stressful and troublesome. While writing the essay, following is the pattern to follow.


In the introduction stanza, you are supposed to briefly describe and introduce your topic to the readers after that the side of the argument you would be supporting should be mentioned. End the stanza with the thesis statement which must also include all the main supporting arguments which you would be discussing in the essay.


In the body section, there are usually 3 or 5 paragraphs depending on the topic and the requirements. Each paragraph must discuss one supporting argument and not more than one. Discuss all the facts and figures regarding the supporting point in that paragraph.


End the essay by concluding the discussion in the last paragraph. In this paragraph, you are also supposed to include the rephrased version of the thesis statement and also the results that you have been able to rule out by the discussion.

After completion of writing

After finalizing the draft of the essay, take a break and clear your mind from all the stress and pressure. Once you are fresh and the mind is also refreshed, get back to the essay and start reading it. This is the step of proofreading and an important one as well. A hack for effective proofreading is to read the essay out loud enough that you can hear your voice. That way you will be able to identify all the errors instantly and also notice if there is any problem with the sentence structure. Read it as many times as you can and in every read, target one type of errors only. If you try to target all the errors in a single try, the editing would not turn out to be as good as you could make it otherwise.

Writing a persuasive essay is not that hard or complicated. With a clear head and firm argument, the writer can easily compose an effective and meaningful essay without much struggle. However, you can also take professional assistance from us as we provide quality essay help to all the students who need it. No need to stress over your essay assignment, rather find out ways to be able to write it perfectly.

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