How to write an argumentative essay?

College life comes with a lot of pending homework and assignments; most of which comprises of essays only. Particularly, the freshman year is all about essays on a diverse range of topics for almost all the courses. Are you a freshman and currently going through the load of assigned essays? Do not run away from these paper writing tasks as it is only beneficial for your grammar and language. Working on these assignments will definitely strengthen your grip on English language, which will help you later in professional life; considering the fact that English is one of the most spoken languages worldwide!

Have you recently been assigned with an argumentative essay and now you are confused how to write the best argumentative essay to impress your teacher? Let us guide you perfectly! First off, an argumentative essay must have a strong valid point under consideration, which is being backed up with logic and relevance. You cannot make bogus statements and expect your readers to agree with your stance.

How to start

Always start with a hook. The opening statement of the introduction must be appealing to the reader’s eye and it must be intriguing. Choose your words and opinion wisely to make your audience curious about what will follow in the paper. If you write a boring and lousy introduction, the reader will simply not get the urge to continue reading, therefore, always try to hook the audience from the beginning.

After the hook, give background to the topic. Describe the causes that lead to the potential discussion and the reasons of conflicts among people. Mention your view point on the whole scenario and clearly deliver whether you are in the favor or against the point being discussed.

After that, mention your thesis statement. Your thesis statement must be brilliant enough to give the readers a clear idea of all the main points being discussed in the paper. Thesis statement is one of the essential elements of any essay and it is separately marked by the checkers. You simply cannot miss it, and also make sure to write one that has all the main points mentioned in it.

How to make the body paragraphs

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you are not supposed to share all your findings and supporting statements in the introduction. That is for the body paragraphs. Your body paragraphs or finding/analysis sections must contain all the arguments that you have regarding your stance. One simple hack for an argumentative essay writer is to dedicate one paragraph each for every argument and discuss it individually. It will make it easier for you to discuss all that you have in mind and put across your point more effectively for the reader to understand.

The body section can have 3-5 paragraphs. Make sure there is a flow and connection between your sentences and paragraphs. Interconnected detail builds up readers’ interest in the essay. Moreover, you must keep in mind that all the points that you discuss are highly relevant and valid. Unnecessary and invalid arguments make your position weaker. If you think using fancy vocabulary will convince your order, you are wrong! In an argumentative discussion, the readers are intrigued to understand why exactly the writer is inclined towards a certain side of the topic.

If you are unable to put forward your point in a convincing and effective manner, your essay will be of no good use. Therefore, make sure to conduct excellent research before starting your paper so that you can utilize in the analytical section.

The ending of the paper

Once you are done discussing all the arguments, come towards the conclusion paragraph. It is just as important as the introduction and you cannot skip it. The conclusion should cover all the main points of your arguments. You can also rephrase your introduction paragraph to transform it into a unique concluding paragraph. The conclusion must never contain any new information and rather discuss only the points that were mentioned in the findings part.

Reference the paper

In the end, make a list of all the sources from where you collected information for your arguments. An argumentative essay paper without bibliography can give off a plagiarized effect and you certainly don’t want that. Plagiarism is a serious offence and the universities take strict action against students who copy papers instead of writing from scratch. Therefore, always rephrase the information in your own words and then also cite the source.

Some topic suggestions for an argumentative paper

If you are yet to decide a topic for your argumentative essay writing assignment, let us give you some suggestions. You can choose any of these topics and then do your own research for it to write an excellent argumentative essay.

  • Internet access should be for students only
  • Education must be free for one and all
  • Is the current grading system in education sector helpful
  • Secondary languages that are helpful to be taught in this era
  • Importance of physical education in schools
  • Smoking in public places should be banned
  • The right age to receive the legal rights to vote
  • Is gun control an effective measure to control the crime rate?
  • Violent video games should be prohibited

If you are assigned with an argumentative paper, now you have all the basic hacks and guide to write an A grade paper to achieve the highest grades in class. You can also ask us for further assistance or hire an argumentative essay helper to ensure you get the top results!

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