How to divide an essay in effective sections?

To write an effective essay it is necessary to plan everything beforehand. It must be crafted with an organized structure divided into the introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. You should focus on the essay topic or question to collect your ideas and direct your research. Exploring them will help you decide which will be the most relevant points to add. Organizing your thoughts is key. Research, brainstorm and make notes to center and prioritize your thoughts.


The introduction focuses directly on the topic or essay question. It is aimed at presenting the main concept of your work. A firm statement, informative facts and figures or a stunning revelation are ideal hook sentences to begin with. The rest of your essay would justify the points you have made.

The introductory paragraph should have a brief and precise description of main arguments. While the rest of the essay should be dedicated to exploring them in finer detail. Following are some elements you should stay away from in an introduction:

  • Never start with “In this essay I’m going to tell you about…”
  • Do not lose sight of the main topic
  • Avoid analyzing everything too closely in this section

Body paragraphs

Think carefully about how each paragraph should be organized. A topic sentence is a good place to start a body paragraph. It basically summarizes the point you are going to discuss in that particular part of the essay. Following it you can develop the point more. This is done through explanation, getting into details, and providing evidence to support it. The number of body paragraphs in a standard essay is three. You can add to that if your instructor requires you to or the topic is vast enough.


The final paragraph of your essay is where you should wrap up all the ideas neatly. Your arguments will come to a close and you will tie up every loose end in it. A successful conclusion will restate the main argument and make a full circle back to the essay question. The key points should be summarized briefly but no new aspect should be added here. Finish off with a thoughtful point that give the readers something to reflect upon.

These are the three basic sections in which you divide a well-written essay. Sometimes you cannot grasp upon how to give shape to the introduction. In such cases, you can write the body paragraphs and conclusion first and then do the introduction. This way you can create a much stronger and relevant beginning for your essay. Creating an outline before you start a final draft will also help you immensely in keeping everything organized.

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