Step by Step Guide to write a Research Article

A research article can cause stress for many students especially if they are new to it. Our guide will take you through each step and make research writing easier. If you follow these steps you are sure to end up writing an impactful paper that earns top grades.

  1. Make yourself familiar with the assignment

    It is essential to comprehend the nature of the assignment before you start writing. You must be aware of what exactly your teacher is expecting from you. Therefore, read the instructions carefully and more than once to get everything right. If there is any point which you cannot understand then ask your teacher to clarify. This ensure you are on the correct path.

  2. Select a topic

    There is no perfect topic to write on. If you haven’t been assigned one then choose something that you are interested in or passionate about. A controversial issue can also make for a challenging yet impressive research. Make sure that any topic you choose stays within the guidelines you have been given. You might not always love the topic you are writing about. So, keep in mind that it is helping you widen your learning horizons.

  3. Research

    The research part is engaging and quite flexible. Different topic and fields call for different research methods. It is important to remember when to wrap up your research. It can be a pretty lengthy process and you can easily get lost in it.

    There are a few things you need to remember in order to keep it precise. Skim over relevant material and narrow down the sources that are reliable. Learn not to ignore important information. You must understand the different schools of thought and perspectives focusing on your topic.

  4. Organize everything

    Being organized is key to research work. A bibliography is very helpful when you need to order all the sources you have used for research. If your teacher has asked for one then make sure it adheres to the set requirements. While doing it for yourself you can choose to even make a digital bibliography. Bookmark the relevant resources on your browser or link resources to find theme easily. You can also have it in a printed form.

  5. Create a thesis

    A thesis is a brief statement you will include in your article. It serves to inform your readers what you are trying to prove or explain in the research. It is easiest to start by asking yourself: what is my paper about? Summarize the answer into a single statement. A thesis statement should be definitive and written eloquently. It should also have an arguable element to it that challenges the reader’s intellect. This is what makes it powerful and urges your audience to read more.

  6. Form an outline

    You might be asked to write an outline by your teacher or it might not be mentioned. Either way it is important to form an outline before getting on to the actual draft. It provides you with a complete and clear framework for the paper. While creating an outline, think carefully about what you are trying to communicate through your research. This will help you decide on a structure most suitable for your research type. And it allows everything to be clear and organized.

  7. The writing

    The work you have done up till now to prepare for this part might sound lengthy. Yet it is essential to reach to this point. Everything is now going to come together to make a clear, strong and interesting research article. Remember that this is just the first draft so everything doesn’t need to be perfect. Just write down according to the outline and state the ideas as clearly as possible. Avoid plagiarizing and only build on the research using original ideas.

  8. Proofread and revise

    The last step on our research article help guide is revising each and every element thoroughly. Go through your entire assignment and check for any major or minor mistakes. Look out for grammar errors, punctuation, spelling mistakes or missing parts. Never take proofreading lightly. And also take help from a learned friend or mentor to make sure everything is up to par.

    Our step by step process for research writing is sure to help you out immensely. Conducting and structuring even a small-scale research needs hard work and dedication. For more help contact our reliable American College Essay Writing Website for excellent academic papers.

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